Diving Marsa Alam
Brayka Bay Diving


For the diving community across the world Marsa Alam is considered a diving sanctuary, and it has been the diving community which has been most vocal and active towards environmental issues in the south.The region has gained a strong reputation amongst the international diving community due to its world-class reef topography, marine bio-diversity, and pristine dive sites along the coastline and offshore. Sightings of spinner dolphins, dugongs, turtles, mantas, and sharks are a frequent occcurrence for those who venture into its waters.

While off-shore boat diving is the most popular, the nature of the coastline equally lends itself to fabulous shore-based diving. Fringing coastal reefs are split apart by small “Marsas” and “Sharms.” “Sharm” means a shape being like a camel’s lips, and “Marsa” means area with anchoring possibilities. These are two forms of natural bays that allow easy access to their outer walls. The back reefs contain swim throughs and tunnel systtems, which provide for interesting profiles to start and finish your dive. These coastal reef “walls” are in shallow water rarely exceeding 35m. Beyond the coral walls is a sandy seabed bottom, which after a distance drops off to 100 meters+.

Marsa Alam’s dive sites are spread over 200km stretch of coastline with over 60 dive sites to choose from. The best known offshore reefs are probably Elphinstone, which features (seasonally) Oceanic White Tips, Hammerheads, Mantas, and sometimes whale sharks. Other popular off-shore reefs include Dolphin House and the Fury Shoals. The Fury Shoals is a multitude of reefs hosting some of the best examples of hard and soft coral worldwide.