Brayka Bay Heritage Samadai national park

Samadai national park

Beginning in 2001 Dolphin house became the center of “dolphin frenzy.” Hundreds of people traveled from as far as Hurgahda to play with the resident spinner dolphins of Samadai. In a single day Samadai was hosting up to 30 boats and 500-800 people. Inexperienced snorkelers were coming in close proximity to the lagoon with no regard to the resting dolphins. Tourist activities were beginning to cause pressures on the dolphin, which led to a visible decrease of the population in a very short time. In the summer of 2001 a boat caught fire near the reef and the situation had become unbearable for the dolphins of Samadai. Immediate action had to be taken to protect this precious sanctuary. Various individuals amongst the community including HEPCA, The Abu Salama Society, and the Red Sea Protectorate (EEAA) came together and formulated a zoning plan for the site. The management plan was eventually signed by the governor, HEPCA, the Red Sea Diving Association, and the EEAA.