Brayka Bay Our vision

Our vision

The region of Marsa Alam currently represents a critical junction in the Red Sea’s fast evolving tourism industry. A window of opportunity is upon us to position this destination as a leader in environmental conservation, resource management, and community based activism. This tourism model is the basis of a marketing campaign, which aims to develop & re-position the overall tourism performance and competitiveness of the Marsa Alam region.

This tourism model has been over 20 years in the making and represents an unprecedented cooperation between the stakeholders, the local community, and the hundreds of thousands of international tourists that are visiting this region on a yearly basis. With so much economic potential for this newly developing community, resource management is of the utmost importance to preserve the very resources that are attracting guests here in the first place.

After 20 years of “tourism boom” in the Red Sea region, we are now facing the reality of the utter depletion of the world-renowned eco-systems of the Red Sea. In what can only be described as “tourism development lunacy” megalithic hotel projects continue springing up along the last remaining strip of Red Sea coastline. Miles and miles of fringing reef coastline and associated eco-systems like mangrove and wetlands may soon be destroyed to make way for 5 star beach front hotels.

Because tourism developers are so out of touch with evolving consumer trends as they relate to the Red Sea’s tourism industry, they are continuing to promote a completely outdated tourism development model. Besides undermining the destination as a whole, this short-sighted thinking makes no sense from an economic perspective.

For many of us who have been witness to this; we can no longer sit by as the financial pillar of our community is being undervalued in such a manner.

Because of its world-class biodiversity, international appeal, and proximity to most European countries; this region has the potential of becoming the #1 destination on the world tourism stage.

Hepca-patrol: Our community represents an international network of divers, nature lovers, and eco-tourists, which are committed to promoting a tourism model based around the natural heritage and biological diversity of the southern Red Sea. Spearheading this monumental campaign is the NGO HEPCA, which has established a very strong presence in the Marsa Alam region through its resource monitoring & management, public awareness campaigns, and community development.

This sums up our collective vision which represents a revolutionary movement and an appeal to the citizens of the world. Please show your support to our cause in any way that you can and help us protect what’s left of Egypt’s legendary Red Sea.

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